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Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a therapeutic technique designed to enhance the flow of lymph, a fluid that removes waste and toxins from bodily tissues. By applying gentle, rhythmic pressure, this massage promotes detoxification, supports the immune system, and reduces swelling. Ideal for anyone seeking a boost in well-being, it's especially beneficial for post-operative recovery and managing lymphedema. Embrace a path to better health and vitality with this nurturing, restorative practice.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a gentle, connective tissue massage technique that accelerates the movement of the lymphatic fluid that bathes the tissues, through the lymphatic system and into the bloodstream. Your Registered Massage Therapist will use gentle, precise, rhythmic strokes. The pumping action of the massage causes small capillaries to open and close, enhancing reabsorption of lymph from the tissues back into the lymphatic vessels.

The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping the connective tissue surrounding cells free from excess water, proteins, bacteria, viruses, inorganic materials, destroyed cells resulting from surgery or trauma, red blood cells, and other dead cells. This technique helps to reduce edema or tissue fluid retention and decongests lymphatic pathways. The repetitive and soothing techniques also stimulate pain-inhibitory reflexes. Lymphatic Drainage Massage may enhance immune function, increase tissue metabolism, improve nutrition to the tissues, promote eliminative functions, establish fluid balance, reduce pain, and induce deep relaxation.

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